A homage to all the women who make magic with their stoves


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At Casa Dorita you’ll rediscover flavors, smells and feelings you might not even remember… The kind that only authentic market food can bring back: the kind of dishes that always start with the best ingredients.
Traditional recipes and gourmet tapas cooked without a lot of fuss, so you don’t miss out on the essence of the food. We like our food simple, but we also enjoy a surprise. Our menu changes with the seasons so we can bring you the best products available on any given day.
At Casa Dorita, you can eat breakfast, dinner, or nibble on something to share with somebody else, and always accompanied with vermouth, a good wine or the best cava.
We’re waiting for you at our Sant Antoni kitchen!


Every midday we suggest a selection of our dishes as a special price! The offerings will vary with the seasons and the products we get fresh from the market.
Because at noontime you savor your time, just like at home.


Finish your dish at home

Don’t miss out on anything!
We take care of anything you don’t finish, preparing it for you to take away so that you can enjoy it later on, the next day or whenever and wherever you want!

Drink the rest on your own balcony

Is there a little bit of wine left in the bottle, but you have to go?
Take it home with you! The last cup could be the best. So whatever it is… don’t let it go to waste!


It’s Thursday! Your body needs a little push to finish the week… Every Thursday for lunch we offer different kinds of rice or ‘fideuá’ (Spanish style noodle). Come and enjoy an exquisite lunch! You deserve to eat well. Neither too much, nor too little…but always this: fresh, high-quality, and delicious.

Will you come this Thursday?


The story of CASA DORITA

A homage to all the women who make magic with their stoves

Casa Dorita is a humble tribute to all the determined and passionate women who proved they had the gift of making magic with their stoves. Strong, brave, enterprising, and creative women. Who filled their homes with indelible smells and feelings that will last forever.

They are the reason why Casa Dorita opened its doors with the aim of immersing you once again in the magical performance which is cooking. Cooking based on simplicity: because if the product is excellent, it must be respected and simply accompanied: dressed with a touch of innovation to make it a unique dish.


“This is how the Dorita of my family did it, my great-grandmother, who excelled at energetically making magic in the kitchen, dazzling anyone who came by as she cooked.”


By chance, a few meters from where our little cellar stands today, another Dorita, the famous Bella Dorita who in her golden years was a fabulous cabaret star on the Paral·lel, charmed her public with another equally fiery art. To her also, she who shared her name and determinedness, womanliness, and artistry with my great-grandmother, we dedicate our story.

We are convinced that we all have a Dorita to pay homage to.



When you enter Casa Dorita, you’ll find our chic little wine cellar with its homey, light-hearted atmosphere, with its good service and good music, where we’re always glad to see you. We take care of you almost without your knowing it, so you feel at home and you can immerse yourself in the spectacle of good eating: The kind that brings together good company, smiles, conversation, wisdom, small talk and friendship around a good meal. Without any hurry. With the usual crew.


Come and take a look at the food from our deli at store prices: select “embutido”, the best bellota ham, exclusive cheeses, gourmet preserved foods, delicious sandwiches to go, and a wide selection of wines and cavas that, if you want, you can drink at the table.


What’s your favorite dish on our menu? Is there a recipe that your “Dorita” makes that you’d like to rediscover? Do you have any suggestions? We’d be delighted to hear your comments!
We check every day, so we won’t take long to answer!

Thanks for visiting!

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